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50th Anniversary Celebration

"To everyone involved with Bildeston Primary School,


Firstly, congratulations to everyone for contributing to Bildeston Primary School achieving it's 50th Anniversary, given the changes that have happened within the education system over the past years it is a remarkable achievement for any village school to survive for half a century. I don't know how many pupils have been taught within the school during this time, but there will many who have fond memories of the school as they went through their formative years.


Changes to government funding make the sustainability of small schools particularly challenging but through the partnership of Bildeston and Whatfield, we are in a solid position for both schools to thrive over the coming years. This is, however, a moment for Bildeston to take a look back at everything that has been achieved over the past 5 decades. As a governing body, we take the education of all the pupils very seriously but we are all ultimately indebted to efforts and dedication of the staff of the school who over the years have worked to get the best outcomes for each and every pupil. So it is only right to thank all staff past and present for the job that they have and are contributing to the school.


I have no idea what the world will look like in 50 years times but I would like to think that Bildeston Primary School will still be very much part of the community and celebrating its centenary year. We all need to make sure that we work to protect our small schools so that we can continue to create unique education environments for each of our youngsters to thrive.


Congratulations Bildeston and all those associated with it, we are proud of what we have achieved and look forward to even greater success."


Mr Phil Clark

Chair of Governors