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After 3 years working together with Whatfield School we are always looking at ways to improve the Collaboration. The Joint Committee comprising members from each school meets at least once a term. Members of this Committee represent parents, staff and the local community and also the three areas of our work as Governors i.e. Resources (including Finance) Personnel and the Curriculum.

We monitor closely all areas of both school’s work and look for ways in which both schools can benefit from working together.

The children have gained much from working with pupils from the other school and many visits, both day and residential have enabled pupils to really get to know others in their age group as well as making such visits financially viable and also make them take place in the first instance.

Staff have worked together sharing planning of the Curriculum and visiting each other’s school. They have some joint staff meetings and professional development is shared across both schools.

Financially there have been savings for both schools including sharing of the head teacher, purchasing of resources and shared training opportunities.

As governors we are committed to developing the Collaboration further and are now exploring ways in which we can share some of our Governor meetings.


Interested in finding out more about our partnership school? Why not visit the Whatfield Primary School website.