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General Policies 10h Nappy Changing and Toileting Policy

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Revised September 2015
CPM Approved October 2015
Adopted October 2015
Review Date October 2018
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Last Modified December 2015

Some children may still be wearing nappies or pull ups when they start school and will need to be changed regularly. The DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) requires schools to make reasonable adjustments to meet the needs of each child, which includes continence issues. Staff will work with parents (and the school nurse if involved) to support these children to become toilet trained. Parents of children who are not yet toilet trained will be asked to sign a home/school agreement regarding nappy changing.

Some children may have occasional accidents and need to be changed. Where possible children will be encouraged to change themselves e.g. if only wet underwear need to be changed etc.

However when children need support or cleaning the following procedures will be followed. Our aim is to ensure that every child feels safe and cared for during a change of nappy and/or clothing.

When the child has a nappy/soiled clothing that requires changing it may be appropriate to change the child standing up, particularly for older children. Standing up also helps to protect their dignity and gives them more control. To change a child standing up:


If a child needs more support to be changed and needs to be placed on to a changing mat:

Home/School agreement for changing/toilet training

I /We the parent(s)/carer(s) of ________________________________ agree that:

My child will arrive in a clean nappy or I will change it on arrival
I will provide all nappies and wipes to be used
I will report any changes in my child's routine or skin care
I will work with staff to help my child to become toilet trained

Signed ________________________________ Date ______________________

Changing Record

See Changing Record nappy recordsheet.

Our Development Plan shows the General Policy Review Cycle and the Curriculum Policy Review Cycle.

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